Jadefruit Custard Apple Marketing (J-CAM) is a national Australian marketing group responsible for marketing Australian Custard Apples domestically and internationally through the Jadefruit™ and Sweet Nature™ brands.

The Jadefruit brand is recognised internationally to represent the very best Custard Apples that can be acquired. Each piece of fruit is hand selected, packed into a foam sock to give maximum protection from bruising. Great detail and attention is paid to the “Cool Chain” to ensure that each piece of fruit arrives in prefect order and excellent condition.

The Sweet Nature brand is used for the Australian domestic market for premium first grade custard apples and is also exported as orders arise. The fruit is packed in tissue paper.

J-Cam uses a comprehensive Quality Assurance programme with a simple aim “to be the best”.



  • Export quality standard
  • Fruit handled gently from orchard to carton
  • Fruit pre-cooled and cool chain maintained
  • Fruit packed in styrofoam socks with sheets of bubble below and above the fruit
  • Jadefruit sticker applied to each fruit
  • Packed fruit independently audited
  • Sizes range from count 5 per tray (wt up to 2kgs each fruit) to size 12 per tray (wt 500gms each fruit)

Sweet Nature

  • High quality standard
  • Pinks Mammoth and African Pride varieties available for domestic sales
  • Fruit packed in tissue paper with bubble sheet under the fruit
  • Packed fruit independently audited
  • Sizes range from 5 pieces of fruit per carton to 18 pieces of fruit per carton

Jadefruit ready for export
Jadefruit custard apples are cushioned with styrofoam socks to ensure they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.
Sweet Nature Custard Apples distinctive red boxes with custard apple logo make it easy for customers to find premium custard apples.
When buying custard apples, they should be mature but firm to the touch.
Eleven custard apples to a tray is the most popular size. They look great, don’t they!

Season Availability

Custard Apples are harvested annually from February through to October, usually peaking in May/June. Most fruit can be found at wholesale markets in the major metropolitan centres of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. There is also an increasing proportion of the crop being exported internationally, primarily to south-east Asia.
The Australian Custard Apple is grown in four main areas, covering over 1000 ha in total. These areas can be found along the tropical and sub-tropical coast of the eastern seaboard – from the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland through to the NSW Northern Rivers, and down to the Mid North Coast. There are also commercial plantings of custard apples in Western Australia.

The Queensland season extends from February through to July, with the season in Northern Rivers, NSW beginning later in April, and finishes in October.

Growing season with peak period indicated.