• "J-Cam" is a national Australian marketing group that markets Australian Custard Apples
  • The Sweet Nature brand is used for the Australian domestic market for premium first grade custard apples
  • Pinks Mammoth - export market under the Jadefruit and Sweet Nature brands
  • J-Cam uses a comprehensive Quality Assurance programme with a simple aim "to be the best".
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Grower Information

To be a member of J-Cam, a custard apple grower must:

  • have a commitment to growing quality fruit
  • a commitment to marketing co-operatively
  • be a member of Custard Apples Australia inc (CAA)
  • possess a Custard Apple Quality Assurance Manual (obtained from CAA)

Follow the links below for the correct member application...

Jadefruit Brand

The Jadefruit Brand is recognised internationally to represent the very best Custard Apples that can be acquired. Each piece of fruit is hand selected, packed into a foam sock to give maximum protection from bruising. Great detail and attention is paid to the "Cool Chain" to ensure that each piece of fruit arrives in prefect order and excellent condition.

Sweet Nature

The Sweet Nature Brand is used for the Australian domestic market for premium 1st grade custard apples and is also exported as orders arise. The fruit is packed in tissue paper.